Bringing natural interaction to the virtual and augmented world.

ClayReality enhances our ability to engage with the real world in a 3D space. ClayReality is hardware agnostic and power-efficient, making it an ideal solution for light-weight devices that require low computing power usage, and high-performance use cases requiring high accuracy.

a man wearing a virtual reality headset


Optimized for Qualcomm Reference Designs

Our flagship models are trained on Qualcomm’s dual monochrome cameras used for 6DoF and spatial mapping: manufacturers do not need to add extra hardware to integrate hand tracking. Our technology is optimized for Snapdragon XR platforms, resulting in lower CPU load than competitor solutions.
qualcom reference design


Why ClayReality?

  • Immersion


    Improve immersion with advanced and natural interactivity. Design a customized user experience for unique interfaces in entertainment, enterprise, training and more.

  • Precision


    Refreshes at every frame with speeds faster than human perception. ClayReality adapts in real time to ever changing environments for the most accurate hand tracking and gesture recognition in AR & VR.

  • No Extra Hardware

    No Extra Hardware

    Platform agnostic and easy to integrate into existing AR & VR hardware. Compatible with RGB, NIR, TOF, monochrome cameras and more. Leverages sensors and cameras already on board.

hand interacting with a massive digital display


Unleashing the Potential of Immersive Technology

  • Perform OS level Commands
  • Facilitate Remote Assistance
  • Directly Interact with Digital Assets
  • Enable Natural Menu Navigation
  • Confirm Actions/Instructions
  • Simulate Realistic Hands-on Training


Power Efficient & Multi-Platform Hand Tracking Solution

The exponential progression in machine learning, computer vision and processing power are enabling mixed reality experiences to permeate through our everyday life, from entertainment to augmented work, virtual training and events.

However, the current user interfaces are limiting or frustrating: speech controls don’t perform best in noisy environments and controllers break immersion.

With the diversity and evolution of the XR ecosystem, we make it possible for original equipment manufacturers and XR development studios to level up their user interface leveraging existing sensors.

Thanks to advanced proprietary machine learning techniques and tools, ClayReality is more accurate and less consuming than competitor tracking solutions. With 23 points tracked at every refresh rate, inverse kinematics and 3D hand models, we provide higher hand tracking and gesture recognition accuracy for a more immersive and reliable experience.

ClayReality does not require additional hardware as our models leverage the cameras already used for spatial mapping and 6DoF, resulting in lower consumption.

ClayReality is the technology that enables consumers and enterprise users to interact with augmented and virtual content naturally, hands free.

How We Deliver

With advanced technical integrations across platforms and customized to your specific needs, our team delivers bespoke packages for long term value and sustainable growth.