Redefining in-car safety and lifestyle experience.

ClayDrive delivers seamless and reliable solutions for modernised rides and enriching in-car experiences. Enable in-car gesture controls as a complement to voice and touch to optimize driver safety with natural interaction. ClayDrive leverages existing sensors used for the Driver Monitoring System, without affecting other systems’ performance.

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man interacting with infotainment system with in-car gesture control


Enhanced In-Car Experience

Gesture recognition for shortcuts, navigation, audio control, smartphone connectivity functions and more. Clay AIR’s hand tracking and gesture recognition technology complements in-car sensing solutions with patented machine learning tools.
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hand interacting with car navigation system


A Road to Limitless Potential

ClayDrive is for automotive OEMs to add an extra layer of safety and convenience leveraging the hardware used for the DMS.

  • Navigate infotainment system
  • Adjust volume and climate
  • Respond to incoming/outgoing calls
  • Access entertainment
  • Enable AR on the road
  • Improve safety
  • Interact with heads-up displays
  • Complement driver monitoring systems


Safe In-Car Interactions

Vehicle dashboards are increasingly equipped with sensors and cameras to monitor the driver’s alertness and vigilance. This opens up new possibilities for intuitive and safe in-car interactions, whether in truck fleets or passenger cars.

It takes a few seconds eyes-off-the-road to significantly increase the risk of crash and near-crash. Touch interactions with in-car displays are raising safety concerns, distracting the driver’s attention. Voice interactions can be lengthy, inconsistent, and disrupt sleeping passengers.

ClayDrive is the solution for automotive original equipment manufacturers looking to add a layer of safety with in-car gesture controls.

Backed by years of research in AI and human-machine interactions, ClayDrive is designed to reduce the driver’s cognitive load while driving.
Compared to other solutions, ClayDrive ‘hand-tracking-first’ approach makes it more accurate and more power-efficient than competitor solutions.

This also means that we can create new custom gestures more quickly than our competitors. We are conscious that the CPU must be preserved for vital systems such as DMS, and are able to provide a seamless experience without compromising the performance.

ClayDrive recognizes gestures within a wide sphere of 25 to 45 centimeters from the car’s dashboard and refreshes at frame rate for increased safety and convenience.

How We Deliver

With advanced technical integrations across platforms and customized to your specific needs, our team delivers bespoke packages for long term value and sustainable growth.