Enabling next generation interactivity with digital interfaces through gesture controls.

ClayControl uses recognizable and programmable gestures as a universal language that is consistent with the way we naturally interact. Intuitive and subtle gesture controls are programmed for a range of applications. No extra hardware required. Endless gesture customization.

man using touchless gesture controls to interact with a digital display


Enabling Dynamic Gesture Controls for System Commands

From consumer IoT and home security to robotics, manufacturing and high-end enterprise solutions, ClayControl uses proprietary gesture recognition technology and analysis to bring natural user interactions to life.

Our gesture control software is hardware agnostic: it can be integrated into any device with a camera onboard. Interact intuitively with home appliances, smart TVs, interactive digital displays, public self-service kiosks and counters, with a simple wave of the hand.


Why ClayControl?

  • Touchless


    Enables touchless control over long distances and in noisy environments. Convenient control that reduces friction between hardware, software and user experience and provides a hygenic environment.

  • Modular


    Offers a robust solution for applications across devices. It is completely proprietary and integrated for performance, yet modular to account for different inputs and use cases.

  • Intuitive


    Evolves and adapts to user expectations with customisable and simple gesture controls for a variety of control systems.

interact with touchless gesture technology at home


Universal Interactivity

Interact with holographic content,: control drones, consumer robots, autonomous devices with hand gestures, navigate through medical interfaces and healthcare kiosks with a zero-touch interface.

  • Consumer electronics
  • Entertainment and gaming
  • Smart-home devices
  • Massive display
  • Retail and Out-Of-Home
  • Robotics and autonomous devices
  • Medical Interfaces
  • Aerospace/Defense


Natural Gestural Interfaces

With cameras becoming ubiquitous in devices such as laptops, mobile devices, public interfaces and cars, human-computer interactions are becoming commonplace.

However, current user interfaces require user-learning and are not accessible or compatible with all environments. Touching screens is no longer an option, voice controls are not the most practical in noisy environments, and touch interfaces are not safe while driving.

In such a diverse and changing hardware ecosystem, we make it easy to integrate intuitive and touchless gesture controls into your device with no need for expensive structural changes.

Where there is a camera — whether it be RGB, monochrome, TOF, IR/NIR or fisheye — it is possible to integrate hand tracking and gesture recognition solutions without the need to modify the existing hardware.
Laptops, tablets, smart TVs, robots, smartphones, touchless displays, interactive kiosks and self-service counters are all compatible, regardless of the OS.

ClayControl is the software behind the camera lens that enables users to interact with digital content naturally, control devices at a distance, and navigate displays without having to make physical contact.

How We Deliver

With advanced technical integrations across platforms and customized to your specific needs, our team delivers bespoke packages for long term value and sustainable growth.