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Intellectual Property and Scientific Publications


Thomas Amilien

Our Patents

Clay AIR products are covered by one or more patents or patent applications in the U.S. or elsewhere. 

Video flux processing

  • US – World (2017) A method for inserting a 2D video flux into a 3D spatialization API, and Software Development kit implementing said method.
  • US – World (2017) A method for determining and processing settings from a 2D video 
  • US – World (2017) Method for processing frames obtained from a 2D camera in a real-time hand tracking system.

Interactions with 3D objects in Augmented & Virtual Reality

  • US – World (2017) Method for generating and interacting 3D objects in augmented reality.
  • US – World (2017) A method for generating and interacting with 3D objects in virtual reality from a standard lens.

Hand gestures recognition and tracking

  • US – World (2017) A method for pairing code languages in a hand-gesture tracking process.
  • US – World (2017) A method for processing image data from a fisheye lens within a smartphone, for hand-gesture recognition.
  • US – World (2017) A method for real-time hand tracking with a mobile device, and related Software Development Kit.
  • FR – PCT (2016) Procédé de reconnaissance de la disposition d’une main dans un flux d’images.
  • FR – PCT (2015) Dispositif et procédé de commande gestuelle en temps réel de signal audio.

Machine learning annotation and sample generation tools

  • US – World (2020) A method for generating synthetic data.
  • US – World (2020) A method for annotating points on a hand image to create a data set for machine learning.

Scientific Papers

Our machine learning model and tools are the result of over 10 years of research in computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Our R&D team contributes to the scientific literature by authoring their research and development results about neural networks, software development best practices, artificial intelligence ethics and more. 

  • Clay VR: How smartphone virtual reality impacts weak AI and touchless technologies. (see paper here)
  • Communication as meaning negotiation: the case of software development. (see paper here)
  • Code as a tool: adaptability and desobjectivation. (see paper here)