Bring touchless technology to public spaces

Integrate touchless technology into interactive interfaces to prevent pathogen transmission

Minimize touch and recover users trust with touchless gesture controls

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Touchless technology for modern interface manufacturers

Turn any interface with a camera into a touchless device. ClayControl requires no extra hardware, it is compatible with all operating systems, and intuitive to use.

  • Cost-effective: no extra hardware needed

    Cost-effective: no extra hardware needed

    Embed our technology in any device with a camera

  • Intuitive user experience: engage your users

    Intuitive user experience: engage your users

    Up to 40 pre-programmed simple gestures with up to  99% accuracy, limitless customization

  • Scalable: compatible with all operating systems

    Scalable: compatible with all operating systems

    Ensure a cohesive brand experience, ClayControl is platform agnostic

Leverage existing cameras, without adding extra hardware

Integrate ClayControl seamlessly

  • Implement ClayControl into any device, leveraging cameras that are already being used for other functions, making it a cost-effective option to add user functionality
  • Compatible with all operating systems, ClayControl ensures a consistent brand experience
hands performing gestures

Pre-programmed gestures

Build a reliable, robust and engaging user experience

  • Customizable and simple gesture controls for a variety of control systems with up to 40 pre-programmed gestures
  • Self-learning model, adapts to users’ gestures and improves over time
  • User guidance can be added on top of the existing UX to ensure smooth and easy interactions with kiosks or similar devices
gestures available in Clay AIR library of pre-programmed gestures for gesture recognition SDK

Battery saving and highly accurate

Ensure performance and top-notch usability

  • Battery saving with proprietary computer vision and machine learning techniques
  • The highest performance of hand tracking & gesture recognition technology. Up to 99% accurate on simple gestures and sequences according to ground truth and f-measure
  • Low latency with speed faster than human perception
User interface and hand performing gesture to control interface