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Clay AIR Hand Tracking Is Now Available for Enterprise Applications on Nreal AR Glasses


Clay AIR

We are excited to announce that Clay AIR’s most advanced hand tracking software and services are now available on the Nreal Light device.

As an extension to the hand tracking preview available in the latest update of the NRSDK, Clay AIR developed an Enterprise Edition SDK, specifically for enterprises and studios building commercial B2B or B2C applications on Nreal. 

The Clay AIR Enterprise Edition SDK includes the most recent enterprise-grade features and complete version of Clay AIR’s SDK optimized for the Nreal Light device, including additional custom gestures, skeletal models, 3D hand models, and performance data readouts, enabling custom development and increased accuracy. 

Enterprise Edition SDK developers will also benefit from Clay AIR’s technical support, in-depth documentation, integration efforts, customizations, and more.

To get access to the Clay AIR Enterprise Edition SDK, get in touch with us here



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