Virtual Reality

Touching is believing

Specific benefits
  • More intuitive: With Clay’s technology, users can better navigate and interact with digital content in their VR experience. Let digital content react to your hands without needing a controller.

  • No extra hardware: Clay’s technology leverages existing external sensors of VR devices, both smartphone-powered and standalone HMDs, requiring no extra hardware to achieve full hand tracking and gesture recognition.

  • Minimize costs: Clay adapts to you – no need to add expensive hardware or redesign your product.

  • Customized user experiences: Create customized gestures that align with your company’s brand and enhances customer experience.

Dip into Clay

Whether you’re playing your favorite video game, exploring a new destination or simply watching a film in VR, Clay enables a truly immersive experience powered by your own two hands.

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  • Technical Information

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  • Tools and Support

    Full API documentation, a quick start guide, source code for sample applications, and sample contents to exemplify the different ways of easily integrating Gesture Recognition into any app project. Clay has technical support team ready to help.

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