The future of hand-tracking
& gesture recognition

Clay AIR is the only technology to provide a hardware agnostic solution with leading edge performance.

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Clay AIR

Key Benefits

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    Hardware agnostic

    Clay is adaptable and works with several types of hardware inputs, individually or together.

    - 2D RGB Cameras
    - Near infrared (IR)
    - TOF sensors
    - Fisheye cameras

    This makes our technology compatible with the existing hardware and technology roadmaps of AR, VR, and automotive players, requiring no extra hardware and minimizing costs.

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    Clay AIR’s tracking cycle refreshes and completes every frame. This helps drive lower latency, to as little as 8ms, lower than human perception.

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    Clay requires minimal hardware resources to perform optimally. The technology performance reaches 4.8% of the CPU and battery usage is similar to playing an MP3 file.

    To avoid memory saturation, Clay does not store the data but only the pixel passage that has modified the structure. Clay uniquely implements memoization to quickly find the right setting and use less of the CPU.

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    Easy to set up

    Clay’s framework is distributed by a Pod and is compatible with all the major operating systems, making it easy to implement and handle on all hardware types, whether AR/VR HMDs, smartphones, or embedded systems in vehicles.

Clay AIR

Clay AIR Chip
Clay AIR combines cutting edge advancements in computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, and cognitive science to enable a hardware agnostic and lightweight approach to hand tracking and gesture recognition. It does this with a unique set of analyzers, proprietary data structures, and memoization to achieve optimal and best in class performance.
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