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Hand Tracking, Gesture Recognition and Touchless Interaction Solutions

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Clay AIR

Real Time Hand Tracking and Gesture Controls

We offer platform agnostic hand tracking and gesture recognition solutions with breakthrough computer vision, machine learning and advanced cognitive science. Faster than the human eye can perceive, efficient, effortless, and seamless performance.

We enable hand interactions with virtual content, smart devices and digital interfaces. No controller. No touch.

Compatible with all cameras and operating systems.

In partnership with Qualcomm.

Clay AIR Hand-Tracking and Gesture Recognition technology icons. Dots illustrate the Touchless interactions.

Our Clients

Clay AIR Technology

We deliver unrivaled power efficient and multi-platform solutions for high-end and custom controls in automotive, enterprise, immersive and next-generation digital interfaces.

Clay AIR gesture recognition represented through a Qualcomm visual of a women interacting through a VR and AR headset

Clay AIR x Qualcomm

Powerful. Ubiquitous. Groundbreaking.

With Snapdragon, Clay AIR redefines engagement in the AR & VR industry.

Our solutions

Bring Intuitive Interactions to Life in XR, Automotive & Smart Devices

Clay AIR technology is the result of 10+ years of research in human-machine interactions and cognitive science. Our proprietary solutions are multi-platforms: they are compatible with all cameras and operating systems, less consuming and more accurate than competitor tracking solutions, making it the most versatile and universal hand tracking and gesture recognition solution on the market.

ClayReality enables augmented and virtual reality hardware manufacturers and mixed reality platforms software developers/studios to bring intuitive controls and immersive experiences to their users. Clay Reality is compatible with all platforms and operating systems and optimized for Snapdragon XR platforms.

ClayDrive is the hand-tracking and gesture recognition solution that ensures safe and natural in-car interactions while preserving the CPU load. ClayDrive can be integrated into dashboards supporting existing cameras used for DMS, and is compatible with all In-Vehicle Infotainment systems.

ClayControl is the touchless solution to empower people to interact intuitively with smart devices, digital displays, robots and other interfaces without making physical contact.

How We Deliver

With advanced technical integrations across platforms and customized to your specific needs, our team delivers bespoke packages for long term value and sustainable growth.