Touching is Believing.

Makes mobile gaming VR possible.

Clay VR is a SDK solution.
No need for joysticks, captors or complicated devices to plug in; Clay is a unique kit to integrate real-time display of hand and gesture recognition into iOS and Android apps.

- Allows 3D recognition from a simple 2D camera
- Radically betters the immersion experience (no hardware)
- Gestures & gesture libraries are customizable
- CPU loads are minimal (9% on iPhone 7)
- Calibration learning is entirely automated (IA)

Dip into Clay

Clay is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.
Whether you’re playing your favorite video game, exploring a new destination or just watching an immersive VR movie, you’ll not only feel like but touch and interact as you’re really there.

  • SDK

    Created with Sketch. Device features + Video Streams Input Gestures control Hand Display Pinch Grab Freeze ... X Y Z Hand Positionning Output Core A.I.R. Technology
    Created with Sketch. Output Gestures control Hand Display Pinch Grab Freeze ... X Y Z Hand Positionning Core A.I.R. Technology Device features + Video Streams Input
  • Technical information

    - Full compatibility with iOS 64bit devices; Android (beta)
    - Distributed as a single library with no further dependencies
    - Accurate up to 88 inches from the camera
    - CPU overhead of just 9% on an iPhone 7
    - Requires Internet Permission

  • Tool and Support

    Full API documentation, a quick start guide, source code for sample applications, and sample contents to exemplify the different ways of easily integrating Gesture Recognition into any app project. Clay has technical support team ready to help.

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